Huawei – transceiver phony-alarm-disable aka service unsupported-transceiver

We all know that it is a bad idea, not just because of (the rumored) missing support, but also because of the money vendors lose if you don’t buy genuine transceivers, there is still a possibility to protect you investment and recycle your SFPs/SFP+s/… when you change vendors. What Cisco calls „service unsupported-transceiver“ on IOS/IOS Read more about Huawei – transceiver phony-alarm-disable aka service unsupported-transceiver[…]

Huawei – Most basic L3VPN

Just a basic L3VPN for my own learning purposes 🙂   H3CvSR20001 ip vpn-instance Management route-distinguisher 1:99 description Management # address-family ipv4 vpn-target 2:99 3:99 1:99 import-extcommunity vpn-target 2:99 3:99 1:99 export-extcommunity # router id # ospf 1 area network network network # mpls lsr-id # Read more about Huawei – Most basic L3VPN[…]

Huawei – Observe (SPAN) Port

To configure a Observe Port on a Huawei S5720, S6720, … switch, just do the following:   [S5300]observe-port 1 interface gig0/0/3 [S5300] [S5300] [S5300]int gig0/0/20 [S5300-GigabitEthernet0/0/20]port-mirroring to observe-port 1 both [S5300-GigabitEthernet0/0/20]q [S5300] [S5300] [S5300]dis observe-port ———————————————————————- Index : 1 Untag-packet : No Interface : GigabitEthernet0/0/3 ———————————————————————- [S5300] [S5300] [S5300]dis port-mirroring ———————————————————————- Observe-port 1 : GigabitEthernet0/0/3 Read more about Huawei – Observe (SPAN) Port[…]

Huawei – Recycle Bin

If you delete a file from a Huawei switch, but the space isn’t freed, you might need to empty the recycle bin… [S5300]dir Directory of flash:/ Idx Attr Size(Byte) Date Time FileName 0 -rw- 60 Feb 04 2013 04:00:32 $_patchstate_a 1 -rw- 996 Oct 01 2008 01:01:58 private-data.txt 2 -rw- 836 Jul 09 2018 20:45:20 Read more about Huawei – Recycle Bin[…]

Huawei – SSH Client

As a Huawei-Newbie, I wasn’t able to SSH FROM a Huawei switch. The server was running, but I wasn’t able to open an outgoing SSH session. SSH TO the switch was possible! Later on I found out that the following command has never been issued: ssh client first-time enable

Huawei – SSH Server

To configure the SSH server on an Huawei S5720, S6720, … switch, just do the following in system-view:   Optional – if this didn’t happen before: rsa local-key-pair create   Sample AAA config: aaa authentication-scheme default authorization-scheme default accounting-scheme default domain default domain default_admin local-user bernd password irreversible-cipher Supersecurepasswordhere! local-user bernd privilege level 3 local-user Read more about Huawei – SSH Server[…]