Huawei – SSH Server

To configure the SSH server on an Huawei S5720, S6720, … switch, just do the following in system-view:


Optional – if this didn’t happen before:

rsa local-key-pair create


Sample AAA config:

 authentication-scheme default
 authorization-scheme default
 accounting-scheme default
 domain default
 domain default_admin
 local-user bernd password irreversible-cipher Supersecurepasswordhere!
 local-user bernd privilege level 3
 local-user bernd service-type telnet terminal ssh http


Sample SSH server config:

stelnet server enable
ssh server authentication-retries 5
ssh authentication-type default password
ssh user bernd
ssh user bernd authentication-type password
ssh user bernd service-type all


Sample VTY config:

user-interface vty 0 4
 authentication-mode aaa
 user privilege level 3
 protocol inbound ssh